Looking to get rid of the Junk vehicle that is no longer able to fulfil your demand? Let SydWreck buy your scrap car and makes you cloud nine with top dollars!! We pay the highest cash for cars on the spot for any make, model, or age. Our team tow the vehicle from the comfort of your home or location anywhere in Sydney. In case, you don’t have enough time to visit our business for the deal, we finalize the deal over one phone call. You need to call us with a few details of your car. However, History of your vehicle makes our team familiar with your scrap car and you will get more bang for your buck!! is a well-known authorized & insured company that has all special equipment to recycle and dispose of your damaged car safely. Although, we offer free car removal services Sydney wide for the Convenience of junk car owners. However, we have truck drivers in all areas of Sydney. Our team is working around the clock to serve best to the community.

When Should You Consider Selling Your Old Car?

How Do I know it’s the best time to sell my used car? Most people don’t know the answer to this question. Without familiar with this, you will sell your vehicle at right with top offers. The age and condition of your used car play a crucial rule while selling your car. Firstly, you have a misconception that old means it’s an ideal opportunity to sell. No, you are absolutely wrong!! If keeping a used vehicle costs a fortune on the road than it’s worth, it’s the time best time to trade-in with your car. In addition to this, if spare parts of your car are quite expensive and difficult to find, just plan it get rid of. Sydney Cash for Cars helps you to sell your vehicle and also you can buy used auto parts for your vehicle without hassles.

Don’t let your old vehicle disturb your daily budget!! Sell Your second-hand car to us today. Hurry up, Request for online Quote now!!

Why Sell the Old Car Up To $13,999 To Sydwreck?

If the used car owner sells the vehicle to SydWreck(Sydney Wrecker), they don’t need to advertise their car on online platforms such as classified or Gumtree. You might be exhausted from posting AD on these platforms. Right? However, it requires lots of hassle, expensive, test-drives meetings with strangers, and many more. Usually, people can’t afford this with their busy schedules and also don’t have enough budget for these platforms.

Sydney Cash for Cars never let you down with so-called stress. Although, the firm sends the truck driver to your location for a car’s assessment. The power of deciding date and time also in the hand of the vehicle’s owner. Our online quote for a used car is free of costs and offer you instant & quick cash at your doorstep.

Our Services

Cash for any make or model and Car removal services are the main services of Sydwreck. In addition to this, we buy the vehicle of any condition in Sydney, it doesn’t make any difference to us. The firm purchase the damaged cars for the valuable spare parts and scrap metals. Furthermore, we also offer Free Paper Work & Free Recycling & Disposing services with maximum top dollars.

  • Cash for Junk Car-

    Do you want to get top cash for junk cars? Then, no place is better than Sydwreck!! Here, you will get the maximum top cash up to $13,999 for any type of vehicle. Here, your vehicle evaluates with an updated database as compared to other cash for car companies.

  • Cash for Second-hand car-

    Owing to the second-hand car that demands repair every week or month? Obviously, you might be tired of such repairs and their costs. It would be better to sell your old car to us and get some good cash in your hand.

  • Cash for Damaged Car-

    Having damaged cars in your driveway gives nothing more than an eyesore feeling. Agree? Better to sell it rather than keeping yourself stress!! Call us, we remove your damaged car and do all the paperwork free of charge. In addition to this, we come to your place of the vehicle to tow the car with us.

  • Cash for Scrap Car-

    Our Cash for scrap car service fills your pocket with top cash quickly and free you from all the stress of scrap vehicles. All you need to do is call us and we schedule free-pick up for you. The whole process is easy & simple from beginning to end.

How Do I Sell My Car For Scrap, While I Lost The Registration Paper?

Have you lost the registration paper of your scrap car? Who will buy your such junk vehicle? You might be feeling atrocious. But Clam down, Sydwreck is here for you!! Although, it’s quite difficult to sell the scrap car without registration. But this is no big deal for us. Some other documents can prove your ownership verification. We’ll help you!!

How it Works?

The process is simple and convenient that you don’t need to worry about this. Your one phone call takes you away from your junk, old or accidental vehicles.

  • Instant Online Quote-

    Call us at 0290913593 and let us know you the worth of your used vehicle in just 60 seconds. You must know the all details of your car before calling our team. However, the details of your car will decide the top cash quote.

  • Schedule Free Car Removal Sydney Wide-

    If the car owner agrees on our price quote, further we arrange the free-pick up of junk car. The truck driver will reach your place in 3 hours. In case, you want time for the final decision, let our team know about it. We wholeheartedly cooperate with you!!

  • Get Paid on the Spot-

    In this manner, you can schedule the car removal and once our team reaches your place, they ask you for vehicle verification and documents. In the end, we pay you instant cash for damage car in your hand.