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SydWreck – Car Wrecker Sydney

People purchase things according to the space available to them at their premises or house. Individuals are quick to let go of things that are of no use to them in order to make space for more useful things. However, getting rid of unnecessary things is easier when the objects are smaller and of less value, than those that are larger and may have cost the owner a lot more. Cars are such possessions that people purchase with a lot of hope s and aspirations, to use it for the longest time possible. This is because a car costs a lot of money. However, even so, cars may not last a person his/her lifetime.

Over time and age, cars become old. Newer technology and mechanical advancements make the old cars obsolete and out of date. Moreover, some cars may show trouble in functioning and may refuse to work. Such situations leave the old car owner with no other alternative than to get rid of the old car. There can be several reasons for this – one of the most prominent causes could be the amount of space the old car takes up, unnecessarily.

Car wreckers Sydney is a firm that helps old car owners get rid of their scrap cars at a great price.



How does the process work?

The owner has to contact the car removal firm top inform them that he/she wants to sell his/her scrap car. The firm’s contact number is easily available on their official website. Following this, the firm gets in touch with the owner as soon as possible. The representatives asked the owners certain questions pertaining to the details of the car that the owner wants to sell, on behalf of the firm. On the basis of the description and details that the owners provide the firm, the representatives offer them an online estimate of the price that the firm may be willing to pay in exchange for the scrap car. The owner then has to decide upon a date, time and location to set an appointment with the professional from the firm. During this appointment the professional visits the owner at a location of the owner’s preference to assess the car and offer a final price quote. If the owner agrees to sell the car at the price, the professional pay him/her in cash and removes the car immediately.

SydWreck Car Wreckers Step 1



SydWreck Car Wreckers Step 3


Why should you Sell your old Car?

This may not even be a question for most old or scrap car owners, however, there are substantial reasons to convince those who may still be wondering whether they should or should not sell their car. Mention has already been made about the space that the car takes up. That same space can come into use to store more important things.

Second, there is a cost of maintenance for the car, even if it is not working. Cleaning the car and rent for the garage are obvious costs that are present as long as the owner possesses the car. These expenses may seem reasonable as long as the car functions properly. However, when the car fails to work, such expenses become a burden for the owner. Therefore, to get rid of such problems it is better to sell your scrap car.

Selling the scrap car offers the owner an opportunity to earn some money from the old car. Car wreckers Sydney offers the best price to owners in exchange for their scrap cars. They give them a much higher price in comparison of the value the car in terms of its scrap value.

Any condition of the car

The condition of the car

The car removal firm is willing to buy cars in any condition. They purchase cars with missing parts, cars that have been in major or minor accidents or natural calamities, as well as cars that are beyond repair. If the owner wants to sell a car, the firm is ready to buy it.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

Maintaining a high level of client satisfaction is one of the primary goals of the firm. They cater to the various scrap car purchasing and car removal needs of their clients. They also provide many other additional facilities to ensure that the car purchasing procedure is easy, convenient and client-friendly.

The firm employs skillful individuals as employees who have many years of experience of working in the automotive industry. They handle the cars with care while assessing them, so the owners do not have to worry at all. Among other facilities, the firm also provides free car assessment and price quote services to the old car owners. This is done to ensure that the car owners make an informed decision. Nevertheless, the car assessment and price quote services are free of cost even if the owner decides not to sell his/her car to the firm.

The firm also provides to bear the expenses of the paperwork for the purchase of the car and free pick-up services. They remove the car from the owner’s premises as soon as they conclude the deal.

SydWreck – Car Wreckers Sydney – Services

SydWreck – Car wreckers Sydney firm deals with the purchase and removals of scrap cars. They pay the owners a good price in exchange for their scrap cars. The condition of the car does not matter to the firm. The car removal services are also free of charge.

  • We are genuinely local company in Sydney City Area.

  • Fully equipped tow truck drivers

  • Our Tow Truck Operators are Police Checked

  • Customer Friendly staff & Tow Truck Drivers

  • We take customers complaints very seriously

  • We Are fully insured.

  • Fast Turnaround time.

  • No Towing Fee charged.

  • We Can pay for unwanted Cars up to $13999.

  • Australian Owned Business


Usually, owners living in suburban and interior regions face difficulty in finding car removal service providers. The problem may get even worse in case of scrap cars or old cars that owners cannot even drive to a specific location.

Car wreckers Sydney offers its services to old car owners living in any given location across Sydney, Australia, and regions near it. The owners can feel free to call the firm and set up an appointment. The firm will make arrangements to remove the car from the owner’s location without any hassle.

Location We Serve

  • Newtown, Camperdown, Glebe, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Birchgrove, Dulwich Hill, Balmain and Redfern
  • Ashfield, Sydenham, Tempe, St Peters, Burwood, Croydon, Roselands, Chippendale, Petersham and more…