Buying a car is an addition to one’s assets, like buying gold, diamond or other forms of jewelry or land. However, people usually intend to use the car that they purchase instead of storing it as an asset that they can sell in times of need. The use of any given commodity or object results in some form of depreciation. In the case of cars, when the owner buyers the car, it may be new, however, when he/she begins to use the car it may get scratches and dents. The car may also need repair work and other such facilities. The cost that goes into such services is depreciation cost.

After a certain age, the car may become old for the owner. It may begin to give trouble or may refuse to work completely. Owners may spend up to a certain extent to repair the damages and use the car to its maximum capacity. However, after a certain time, the car is beyond repair and the repair work may end up costing the owner more than the amount for which he/she can get a new car. Moreover, companies launch new varieties of cars with the latest technology and new features, every day in the market. Some customers may want to upgrade to better cars by selling their used cars.

Finding buyers for used cars is not easy for old car owners. Potential buyers make unreasonable demands that do not allow the owners to sell the car in a convenient and profitable manner. In such a situation the Auto Wreckers Sydney firm offers its services to purchase and remove old and used cars.

Our Wrecking Services

Sydney Car Wreckers offers its services to old cars owners to purchase used cars and remove them free of cost too. The company purchases used cars from all brands and of all models. It buys cars of reputable brands like Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai, etc. It does not matter how old a car may be, or in what condition the car may be. The company purchases cars that have been in serious or small accidents, natural calamities, etc. They also purchase used cars without paperwork and cars that have missing parts.

The firm extends its services to clients from all locations. Usually, old cars owners may face difficulties to find buyers or car removal service providers. This problem may intensify further if the owners live in the suburbs or other interior locations. However, clients who want to sell their used cars can avail of the Auto Wreckers Sydney firm from wherever they require, without any hesitation.

Why is it disadvantageous to sell your used car to a second-hand buyer?

Selling your used car as a second-hand car has certain disadvantages for the old car owner. The first disadvantage is that the old car owner gas to advertise the sale of his/her used car. The owner then has to wait till a potential buyer approaches him/her, showing interest to purchase the car. However, unless a potential buyer approaches the owner to buy the car, the owner has to bear the expenses like the rent for the garage and maintenance of the used car. Second, the second-hand buyers expect the owners to pay for the cost for the repair of the car. Further, the owner may have to drive the car to the location of the potential buyer if the buyer finds the owner’s location interior or difficult to find. Lastly, even when the firm concludes the sale, the buyers expect the owner to bear the expenses for the paperwork of the sale of the car. The owner also has to provide pick-up services to reach the car to the buyer’s location.

All these facilities cost the old car owners a lot of money. Furthermore, the second-hand buyers pay a lower amount that the actual value of the used car. Hence, the owners are left with very little or absolutely no profit from the sale of their used cars.


To sell their old used cars, owners must call the firm. The firm makes all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the whole process of the sale of the used car continues smoothly. They also pay the owners in cash to avoid any delay.