The active wheel alignment system (AWAS) is developed by an Australian, Melbourne-based company Doftek in the world. Due to this advanced technology, the days are drawing near when we say good-bye to a mechanic for wheel alignment fixing up. Thankful to one of the best innovations- Active Wheel Alignment!!

World’s First Active Wheel Alignment System

This innovation is developed to replace the tie rods & vehicle’s suspension mounts with electromechanical components. Through a control unit, it adjusts the angle of wheels. This is all achieved with the help of a three-mode selector switch that compatible with the demand of tire loads, driving style, and specific terrains. The driver chooses from three main settings such as sports-plus, sport & normal. The company has focused on implementing the active suspension system in passenger vehicles.

Active Wheel Alignment System Fitment & Capabilities

As per the recommendation of Doftek, the active wheel alignment system is accessible to various types of standard suspension set-ups like multilink configurations, MacPherson strut & double-wishbone. You can adjust the wheel camber through this by up to three degrees between normal (0) & sport +( -3). Doftek claims that the active wheel alignment system will be compatible with various types of standard suspension set-ups like double-wishbone, MacPherson strut, and multilink configurations. It can adjust the wheel camber by up to three degrees between normal (0°) and sport+ (-3°), with a sport mode taking a middle ground of camber angle -1.5°. Geoff Rogers, the company project leader explained that the AWAS projects also deal with shortcomings in the previous testing including the problems on weight, cost, compatibility. Doftek is also in the underdevelopment of signing up on of the world’s biggest luxury automakers.

A Second AWAS Version in the Works

The company is also working on a more sophisticated 2nd-gen system that is more dynamic & adaptive. This is expected to deliver a wonderful experience that is almost twice the cornering performance of a vehicle. It’s one of the most viable market luxury performance vehicles however, the upgraded version will enhance battery life and offers a novel driverless solution.

Putting Australia’s Auto Industry on the Map

The development & testing of the active wheel alignment system took 2 years and hence it proved to be reliable. The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center (AMGC) in Victoria had been instrumental in building up the venture. It has persistently demonstrated help by broadening money related guides and pushing the task to its commercialization stage. Geoff Roger’s accomplice Priscilla Rogers additionally discussed the help they have gotten from AMGC, referring to their organization, experience, and administration aptitudes.

The commercialisation of the Active Wheel Alignment System

Doftek is hoping to have OEMs test a model of the AWAS in a test vehicle, an urgent advance in its offer to turn into a provider for future vehicles. The undertaking likewise makes in any event 40 work openings. Five will be at Doftek, one more five at its providers, while the rest spread across other venture accomplices.

Some of the project partners include:

  • Flexicut Engineering that will be involved in the production of purpose-built parts
  • 3D Systems whose role will be to create prototype parts and introduce 3D printing skills
  • On Point Engineering that’ll bring on board expertise and experience from the Supercars Australia competition
  • Erntek that’ll be involved in the supply and commission of electric motors

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