COVID-19 Pandemic has devasted the entire country. On March 24, Government has announced 21-days lockdown & no one is allowed to go out (except in case of emergency). Government is also planning to extend the nationwide lockdown for a couple of weeks to manage the Coronavirus growing larger day by day. Just like humans, our car has also entered the stage of quarantine for 21 days, or it might be more. With the increasing case coronavirus in-country, lockdown become the need of the hour.

With the ongoing situation, Car owner must take care of their vehicles because a car can’t keep locked for a few weeks or couple of months. For example- If we don’t do any physical work for 15 days then, our body becomes inactive. Similarly, car parts tend to damage due to their zero moment. So, how will you manage your car during Coronavirus pandemic? Don’t worry; we are here with some powerful tips to maintain your vehicle.

Before going to further, please follow the lockdown strictly. Otherwise, we will be in quarantine for an extended period of 2 months. Stay at your home & be healthy!! Maintain social distancing as much as you can.

Top Amazing Tips to keep your luxury car safe during COVID-19

Leaving your vehicle idle for a long time means special to take care of your car before it becomes havoc!!

Park Your Car in Shaded Area-

The most important thing to remember in this 21-days lockdown to park your vehicle in the shaded area to safe the vehicle from direct sunlight. The secondly, important point to use a car cover. Parking your car in a garage will be the best option.

Preserve the Car Battery-

Make sure to run the car for at least 10 to 15 minutes to preserve the battery once a week or on alternative days. As long as the vehicle is not in use, its battery gets damage. When you park your car in the garage for 21 days or a few days, the battery loses its job day by day. You can also start your car daily 5 to 6 minutes to juice up the battery. So, when you get back to driving after lockdown outbreak then, you will not face any issue in jumpstart your car.
Point to be Remember– when you go in the garage to start your car then, make sure to wear gloves & mask. Moreover, after juice up the car battery wash your hand properly & sanitize.

Clean Exterior & Interior of Your Car-

Want your active after 21-days lockdown? Of course yes!! Nobody wants to face such issues after this frustrating lockdown. Simply, wash your car from its outer so that its exterior look quite good. Clean it well with car shampoo.
Similarly, cleaning your car’s interior is equally important. Make sure to start the air conditioner & blower to get rid of tiny dust particles in the car. Never keep junk food in the cabin, other it smells a lot. Make sure to close the window of your car in this pandemic lockdown.

Rotation of Car Tyres-

Make sure to rotate your car’s tyres a few inches backward or forward in order to keep equal pressure on all parts of tyres. Alternatively, you can also park your car in a different direction daily. Make sure to fill the tyres with the right pressure before parking your car in the garage.

Full Fuel Tank to Get Rid of Moisture-

Confused why fuel tank should be full although we are not driving? The reason behind this is the air. Curious to know how? Look when your petrol tank is not full then remaining space fill-ups with the air & that is good for your fuel tank. Because too much air (oxygen) in the fuel tank leads to rusting. So, in order to avoid corrosion & rusting try to full your fuel tank.

Car Engine-

Similar to the car’s battery, you have to warm your car Time to time. But you should warm for a longer period rather than 5 to 10 minutes to ensure the functioning of oil & lubricants at a higher temperature. Make sure to drive in ventilated space otherwise, this will be exhausted in close space like- garage.

The Bottom Line-

After reading above all the preventive measure you can maintain your car during COVID-19 pandemic easily. If you follow the above mention points carefully then, you will not face any issue when coming back to driving seat after lockdown.