Failing to create your driving licence upon request while on the road is illegal in Sydney and, yes, you could be punished or fined on the spot in NSW.

​So next time you go to take just your car keys and some money for a fast forgiveness dash to the shops, grab your driving licence as well. Read New South Wales instruction on the law but mind that for the most up to date guidance, you should always ask your local road authority personally.

New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services has a charge fine on drive vehicle without a driving licence: get arrested in the act, and you’ll cop an approx. $100 or more fine. furthermore, the ACT government’s significant traffic violation papers state you’ll danger an approx. $193 penalty if you fail to make your licence upon request.


We could not find any guidance on drive without carrying your driving licence, if you have an authentic driving licence, on New South Wales road authority or police websites; but since it’s unauthorized in all other states and territories, it’s secure to assume that you wouldn’t fee well if you dragged over on NSW roads without grabbing your DL.

And while we couldn’t find any direct advice on how to drive your vehicle without carrying your driving licence could trouble your insurance, it’s suitable that it could make the process of calling up roadside reinforcement, or dealing with local cops at a crash, much more anger than it already is.

This content is not knowing as legal advice. You should check with your local road authority to confirm the information or other data written here is acceptable to your condition before driving in this manner.

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